Where Tradition meets Nutrition
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Where Tradition meets Nutrition
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Bio, Ethical & Healthy

Premium Black Rice
Premium Black Rice - VIT E Rich Superfood
  • Rs. 395.00


Rakthashali Rice
Rakthashali - Iron Rich Red Rice
  • Rs. 425.00
Coconut Sugar
Coconut Sugar
  • Rs. 249.00
Chenkhazama Rice
Chenkhazama - Asthma Fighting Palakaddan Matta Red Rice
  • Rs. 345.00
Rooted in Tradition, Resplendent in taste

Find the country's finest selection of naturally farmed rice below

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The flavours of the finest

Find an exquisite collection of Indian spices cultivated through the highest of standards below.

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Going back to roots is in our 'nature'

Ours is an absolutely honest quest. To bring you pure, authentic & certified naturally grown products.

That means a big NO to GMOs,
synthetic fertilizers & factory farming.

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Naturally good. Naturally, good.

Original recipes, straight from our stove.

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