Why Qidhan?

Why Qidhan


Reinventing food for good.

The world, as we know it, has changed beyond recognition. Over the last 20 years, the farming landscape has evolved - with every year bringing about changes in our consumption patterns, and convenience taking precedence over eating clean, traditional methods of nutrition have lost their place in today's instant gratification-hungry world. The letter 't' in the word 'diet' has almost faded, leaving us to face the grim consequences of the remaining alphabets, quite literally.

Therefore, Qidhan, in many ways, is an extension of the way we truly want to live our lives.

Almost akin to the art of conscious living, we want to be mindful of every morsel that enters our body by bringing the balance back to our food (and our lives), just like how our ancestors lived. More than just being a primary source of energy, our forefathers respected the deep healing powers and health benefits of food. At Qidhan, we believe in the very same - our mission is to revive nature's age-old greatness and channel its holistic, healing power for the changing ages.


Preserving the pinnacle of nature.

In our world, less is greater because our emphasis lies in what we create - to bring you nothing but the best, we let nature take its course. As simple as this may sound, it has the most profound effect, not only on our health but our planet's health as well.

It all stems from the tiny seed, brimming with potential, that's native, nourishing, and full of nascent life. At Qidhan, our cause has always been synonymous with that of India's marginal farmers, who have taken painstaking efforts to preserve traditional varieties of paddy on the verge of extinction. Just like them, we revere these indigenous rice varieties, and just like them, we believe in the innate potential of nature. From growing our crops the right way to our farmer artisans who step in to purify the land with ancient practices that protect the plants, we keep nature at the core of everything we do, till we finally deliver hand-picked produce to your plate.


Bringing a centuries-old practice into practice.

It's not just our farmers who are in tune with nature's rhythm - our farming practices are a testament to the same as well. Inspired by Vruksha Ayurvedic and rooted in Vedic sciences, Circular Farming and other traditional methods, our methods draw inspiration from their environment and zero interactions from toxic pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilisers, and artificial ways of farming. Our farms are also carefully created - right from the location, to the zero chemical/additive manure that is fed to the soil all the way to the feed for the cows, every facet is carefully monitored to yield a product that ticks all the boxes. As a result, our all-natural product line is replete with nutritional value, boosts immunity on the whole, and is nurtured to be all-encompassing in its taste.

Ultimately, our aim is to bring back this great tradition of natural nourishment and cultivate the culture of clean food for all, by going back to our roots and sourcing the best naturally farmed produce in the country. As the saying goes, "we are what we eat" and we categorically believe in sustenance that sustains us and the generations to come for the long run.