About Us

Breathe in.
The scent of the natural, with a hint of the earthy.

The sun on your skin, and the gentle breeze on your back.

Gaze upon glistening produce, sourced from every sphere of the field.

Running your hand through the rows, feeling the oneness that emanates from within.


For us, our farmers extend beyond their professions; they are our family, the mighty backbone that Qidhan is built upon. With lands as large as their hearts, and crops that connect the communities, they are the essence of our endeavour - and it is our goal to help them (and you) reap a better world. With that, we welcome you to the world of Qidhan, where time and tradition merge to create the quintessential.

Where a penchant for purity meets unparalleled perseverance.

An initiative by a mother and son, Preeti Chadha & Harjas Singh, Qidhan has its roots in their roots. Derived from the word 'kisan' which means farmer in Hindi, and having its origin in the Sanskrit term, kṛṣāṇa (the one who ploughs), Qidhan is the embodiment of India’s farming community.

Inspired by their own family's health benefits from consuming products that were all-natural and nutrient-dense, the duo grew their appreciation for conscious living from the ground up, where they began their foray into the world of natural farming, to develop a long-lasting relationship between the farmer, the land, and the consumer.

Today, Preeti and Harjas live their passion every minute, by sharing the goodness of Qidhan's products with the world - strong advocates of nature's nourishing qualities, Qidhan is an extension of their love for the land and continues to fuel their desire to change the organic landscape of India, one grain at a time.