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Keeps health in the 'mix'. Always.


While our rice/spice varieties are unique in their own ways, we've also taken it one step further, for those individuals that want the best of (every) world. Our signature products are carefully curated and a conscientious blend of naturally farmed, nutritional ingredients that cater to a wide gamut of Indian audiences. Primed to put you in the prime of health, these products boost immunity, vitality, and keep overall health as the paramount priority.

Recommended by several Ayurvedic doctors, each product is replete with its own set of rejuvenating properties, making it an indispensable part of everyday life. In addition, these products are as versatile as the people cooking with them; they can be used across a plethora of preparations, while their integral properties and incredible taste remain at the heart of every dish.

5 products found in Our Signatures

Coconut Sugar
Coconut Sugar
  • Rs. 249.00


Roasted Rakthashali Rice Flakes
Roasted Rakthashali Rice Flakes (Poha)
  • Rs. 389.00


Green Jackfruit Powder
Green Jackfruit Flour: An Organic Superfood for Healthy Living
  • Rs. 310.00

Roasted Black Rice Flakes (Poha)
  • Rs. 389.00

Hot Chocolate Mix with All-Natural Coconut Sugar
  • Rs. 599.00