A Journey beyond Organic


Carefully hand-picked from local farmers who practice natural farming methods, our products go a step beyond organic as they are curated by mother nature herself. By using only native-born seeds and growing it the right way, our farming artisans help us preserve all the essential micro-nutrients, that otherwise never reach your tables. We practice a way of life that keeps nature at the core of everything we do, so that there’s no harmful effects – for the people and the planet’s health.


To bring you the best, we let nature do her magic. As simple as it may sound, it takes great effort to bring alive the best natural products, in ways that do the most good. Our Zero Budget Natural Farming practices is a gift from the past, so that we can travel well into the future, all healthy and happy. 

It all stems from a seed, that’s native, nourishing and preserved by local communities for its              extra-ordinary health benefits. Our farmers step in then, to purify their land with ancient practices that protect the plants from pest attacks and people from toxic chemicals. Inspired by Vruksha Ayurvedic and Vedic Science practices, our farmers take every further step, in-tune with nature’s rhythm. 


Sustainability is part of our soul from day one, with a deep focus on developing closer relationships between the farmer, the land and the consumer. By introducing food choices that’s healthy to the planet and its people, we aim to bridge the gap between conscious buyers and essential natural products. Access to clean food for all, is our everyday mantra, and we are cultivating a culture that inherently regenerates the health of the natural world—and of humanity.