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One ingredient. Infinite interpretations.

Across the length and breadth of India, it is almost impossible to find a food item that intertwines the fabric of our country like rice does. A staple across several diets, the primary part of the menu, the master that (almost) every meal revolves around...rice, in its various varieties, is an integral part of any Indian's diet.

At Qidhan, we don't regard rice as a mere commodity - we look at it as "manna" that nourishes our minds, bodies and souls, just like our ancestors did. Therefore, we have gone back in time to help you stay ahead of the times - by farming our rice just like our forefathers did. Our inspiration comes from their intrepidity, our passion comes from their perseverance, and above all, our mission is to make rice that reflects their roots. Our roots.
Today and every single day.

Not only are Qidhan's rice options versatile components that complement a plethora of Indian preparations, but are also versatile in their innate essence; replete with Ayurvedic properties, categorized nutritional benefits, and curated to match your ever-changing lifestyle, pick an option that appeals to your palette today.

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Brown Basmati rice
Brown Basmati Rice
  • Rs. 199.00