Qidhan & Us

Etymology :

 The word Qidhan comes from Kisan, which means farmer in Hindi. The etymology of the word is from Sanskrit, kṛṣāṇa , the one who ploughs, from karṣati, he ploughs. 


Culture :

 Approximately 60% of the Indian population are directly or indirectly linked to agriculture contributing to about 18% of India’s Gross domestic produce. The importance food plays in Indian culture & tradition is immense. In every cultural festival or event, there are certain types of food or styles of cuisine that are associated with the essence of that occasion.

Indians love their rice. Its a staple part of their diet and India is certainly home to some of the best varieties of rice in the world.  


Our story :

 Over the last 20 years, hardships in farming and the agricultural sector have led to farmers abandoning traditional, safer and more wholesome methods of farming.  The focus had become the yield and not the nutritional aspect.  Food over the years has become processed, chemical and has lost its nutritional and medicinal value.  People ate locally and seasonally because there were benefits to eating the local produce of the season.  

 At Qidhan, our objective from the onset is to support and uplift the cause of those marginal farmers in India who are painstakingly preserving seeds of traditional varieties of paddy that were becoming endangered and on the verge of extinction. These rarely known traditional & indigenous rice varieties were mainly used to prepare Ayurvedic concoctions as it carried a supernova of health, nutritional & curing benefits.  The products that we focus on have a nutritional and most importantly, a medicinal value to them. 

At Qidhan, we bring only the finest varieties  to your dining table – pure, natural, medicinal, certified and of course guaranteed on time for your meal.  

Our grains are not just food.  They treat specific ailments.  The specific varieties can be consumed by diabetics , people who need to strengthen their bone structure , people that have skin allergies and much more.  In the past food was more than just a filler for the stomach, what you ate was what you became.  We want to revive this form of holistic living and eating.  The key to good health is consistency, we strive to produce the most nutritious grain, you need to consume it regularly and the results are bound to be truly magical.  


Our farmers :

Qidhan exclusively works with farmers who have an innate passion for natural farming that prevails over economics. Their produce are either organic by default or naturally farmed and there are no two ways about it.

Our farms are carefully curated right from the location, to the zero chemical / additive manure that is fed to soil, to the feed for the cows.  Everything is carefully curated and controlled to yield a highly nutritious grain of rice.

Together with my mother , our goal is to go back to the farmer, help them revive their traditional, natural methods of farming and produce a more nutritious , medicinal grain for a better future, both for the men and women who toil the fields, and for the generations to come ; after all nutrition and tradition must go hand in hand. 

Note from the founders :

Harjas Singh and Preeti Chadda